At the origin of the O’FRESH concept there is two personn: Yvan GOUY PAILLIER and Eric CHAMOUX. Two visionary men who were able to bring some new energy to misting devices.


These two entrepreneur make a bet in 2010:  develop outdoor air conditioning products using the latest technology to offer high quality products accessible to all budgets.


Misting is today the most efficient technology to cool the ambient air at a lower cost, both outside and inside. The idea of the ​​O’fresh team is to provide a fogging equipment that respond to strict quality standards, as a genuine requirement of energy performance.


The O’fresh team is a passionate team whose primary concern is the satisfaction of its customers. We put our expertise and experience to work for your comfort and well-being.


Customized products that fit perfectly to your home and your desires by offering you quality, safety and respect for your budget? This is exactly what O’fresh offer.


If we were to assign a single value to O’fresh team, it would be the importance we place on customer satisfaction. We strive to provide a perfect customer and after-sales service and whether you buy our products in store or on the web, you can always count on O’fresh.


On the web, our products are available from resellers we select: this allows us to perform a constant quality control. We can offer reasonable prices and offer you the most transparent buying experience.


O’fresh chose to install the company and its customer service at the heart of the Rhône-Alpes region: every day we strive to offer our customers an after-sales service to match our expertise and our seriousness.


The adventure began in 2008 when Yvan GOUY PAILLIER and Eric CHAMOUX create the company EFYDIS. The successes keep coming, the O’FRESH brand becomes a recognized brand and they rapidly expand their product line while retaining their intrinsic values: developing products in France, with high-quality and affordable.


Our objective? Create innovative products, combining performance and comfort so you can fully enjoy the hot summer days.


To join this beautiful mission, Eric and Yvan have surrounded themself with experts and professional team, expert in their core business. Today O’fresh is a dynamic company that continues to grow and innovate.

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