Want to enjoy a breath of fresh air in your living room ?
Discover the indoor O’fresh mist fan !

You do not reach to rest because of the heat? With an indoor mist fan, you can cool a room of more than 6 °C *. In summer, the heat outside is invited in our homes and it is often difficult to maintain freshness in our homes.

Equip yourself with one of our O’FRESH innovative indoor mist fan  and lower the temperature of the ambient air during the hot summer days !

The indoor mist fan brings a breath of air in your room and sprayed along a cool mist that offers unparalleled comfort. Result: you can keep cool over 6 °C.



  • Refreshes an area of 15m².
  • 3 speeds for the misting fan and the mist flow (including a silent one for the night)
  • 40cm fan (80W) with remote control
  • Control of the functions of the interior misting fan
  • The fan is oscillating at 90
  • Autonomy up to 12h thanks to its 3L tank
  • The misting and fan functions can be used independently
  • Size: 115x40x40cm


This mist fan is for inside use: it releases a fine mist that can cool the ambient air. This 2 in 1 fan provides both a fresh air and a pleasant humidity. It is thanks to this innovative technology you feel an immediate cooling sensation. Today, only misting fans are really effective in lowering the temperature of the rooms in your home economically.


  • Refreshes an area of 20m²
  • 3 speeds for the fan and mist flow (including a quiet one for the night)
  • 40cm fan (75W) with 8 blades for quiet operation
  • Remote control
  • Wheels for easy movement
  • The fan oscillates at 90°
  • Up to 9 hours of autonomy thanks to its 3.2L tank
  • The misting and fan functions can be used independently
  • Size: 125x40x40cm


For your comfort and well-being, you must ask for quality products. The heat of the summer dry the air in your home or apartment and this can impact your health.


In your home, it is recommended to have a minimum humidity rate of 30%: the summer, humidity is sometimes difficult to achieve. Your indoor midst fan can help you fight against this problem: in fact, the fog combined with the fan is to moisten the air and thus reduce the risk of dehydration.

Thanks to its programming function, you can perfectly adjust the use of your mist fan, so you can place it in the children’s room and set the distribution of air and mist throughout the night.  They will be able to enjoy a more restful sleep.


Warm summer nights are sometimes harsh and avoid us to rest fully. With the “Sleep mode” of the fan, you can enjoy a quiet refreshment: you can use your indoor mist fan even at night. Its regular mist flow is nice, and significantly decrease the temperature.


Cools a room of more than 6 ° C *;

  • 3 speed fan (including silent for the night), adjustable mist rate ;
  • Touch control screen ;
  • Air ionizer function to purify the air, mosquito repellent function, and essential oil diffuser ;
  • 40cm fan (80W) with remote control ;
  • Digital display of room temperature ;
  • Programming up to 12 hours ;
  • The fan is oscillating at 90 ° ;
  • Up to 14 hours of misting due to its tank of 3.2 L ;
  • The mist and fan functions can be used independently ;
  • Adjustable height from 125 to 135 cm ;
  • 5 castors for easy movement ;
  • Comes with a block of ice to spread an icy mist ;
  • Size: 135x40x40cm.


You can control your mist fan directly from the touch screen panel or using its remote control. Light, it mode easily with its 5 wheels. You will be able to enjoy it as much in the early evening lounge, at the kitchen at meal time, or in the master bedroom to sleep in peace.

For extra comfort, our indoor mist fan has ionizer air functions, mosquito repellent function and essential oil diffuser: you can purify and clean the air, fight against mosquitoes while enjoying a unique refreshment.


Moreover, its 3.2L tank ensures a complete autonomy up to 14 hours: this is the ideal solution to cool a room of the house, overnight and thus enjoy a refreshing rest. The misting fan displays the room temperature which allows you to perfectly adjust the rate of mist in the air. 3 fan speeds associated with adjustable mist flow gives you total control.


For the welfare and comfort of the whole family, choose an indoor O’FRESH misting fan because it is the most economical cooling solution on the market through the combination of a powerful airflow and misting function.
*Felt temperature

Ventilateur brumisateur intérieur 135cm



Cools the air in the room thanks to its air/water exchanger
3 fan speeds (including a silent one for the night and an extra powerful 400m3/h)
Humidifies the air to make it healthier and more pleasant
Purifies the air from pollen, dust and other air pollutants thanks to its honeycomb filter
Up to 10 hours of autonomy (8L tank)
The cooling and fan functions can be used independently
Automatic pump stop in case of lack of water
Automatic stop timer
Comes with 2 cooling blocks for extreme cooling
Wheels to move it easily
Size: 70x28x31cm