Outdoor misting

When your summer becoming synonymous of freshness !

Stop being exhausted by the high summer temperatures! With a garden mister, you’re going to enjoy every ray of sunshine and warmth without ever suffer. Whether to share a friendly moment with friends around a barbecue, or to entertain and refresh the children playing in the sandbox or in the wading pool, you will find the garden mister that suits you.

By broadcasting a very fine mist, you lower the temperature of ten degrees: the whole family will love your garden mister! O’Fresh, an expert in outdoor air, offers a range of garden sprayers to meet the needs of all occupants in the house.

Opt for personal fogger to relax in your pool and add a misting ramp to provide a source of freshness near your garden.



In summer, it’s nicer to enjoy the beautiful days outside. Imagine enjoying the sun in your deckchair in the shade of a parasol, devouring a good book while enjoying a real moment of relaxation.


The combination of your personal mister and O’fresh timer, offers a unique wellness sensation. With the timer, you decide to run your mist intermittently, as you wish. Every 5 seconds, every minute, this is your choice.


For your next picnic, camping, on your terrace or at the pool, your personal mister will never leave you!


  • Plugs directly into the garden hose ;
  • Length 2m, memory form ;
  • 2 brass nozzle misting. ;
  • Exist in 2 colors : blue and green.


Your personal mister, with memory form, will follow you everywhere. It plugs directly into the garden hose and place next to your garden chair wraps around the amounts of your pergola to cool off during an aperitif or around a tree to enjoy your hammock.


Comfortably installed in your garden or in your arbor, you feel immediately the freshness.
In addition, with the hot weather, it is essential to take care of children or elderly, often weakened by excessive temperatures. Personal fogger brings a source of constant and steady coolness: take care of the whole family!

Mise en situation du brumisateur de jardin personnel cobra au bord d'une piscine



Little brother of the Cobra misting, the Daisy shape memory misting machine will delight children and grandchildren.


With its daisy-shaped head, it will delight children. Thanks to its direct connection to the garden hose, it can be installed next to your outdoor chair, on the posts, etc. to refresh you and your children throughout the day.


  • Connects directly to the garden hose with a quick coupling;
  • Length 2m, with shape memory;
  • 3 brass misting nozzles;
  • Aluminum and PVC hose.
Brumisateur de jardin Marguerite



Looking for a solution that allows you to refresh your garden during a meal and entertain children while taking care of them? Then look no further, you’ve found the solution: the misting ramp is ideal!


  • Plugs directly into the garden hose ;
  • aluminum construction ;
  • adjustable rotating head 360 ;
  • height adjustable from 150 to 205 cm ;
  • Valve open / closed integrated ;
  • 5 nozzles with 100% high quality brass ;
  • weighted feet for stability ;
  • Comes with interchangeable showerhead for use as garden shower.


Its adjustable rotating head 360 ° offers total comfort and adapts to all your desires. This fogger can also be used as a garden shower with interchangeable head: your children will love playing with the water to cool off.


The misting ramp is more than a garden accessory: it is indispensable to spend a summer in peace.



A source of freshness that covers all of the children’s playground? This is possible with the misting trio that can cool outside temperatures over a wide area.


  • Plugs directly into the garden hose ;
  • Aluminum construction + high quality brass ;
  • Height adjustable from 85 to 155 cm ;
  • Automatically pop up with the water pressure (can be used in a fixed position) ;
  • Comes with 2 PVC pipes of 2 m + quick couplings to connect the misters between them; ;
  • Provides a fresh and light mist (ideal near a garden tent, playground …) ;
  • Can be used in spray / misting a greenhouse.


This garden fogger can be used in different ways: you can obviously cool a large area of ​​the garden, but you can also use it in watering or misting for vegetable into a greenhouse. It is perfectly adapted to spread a thin mist above gantries as swings, paddling pool or sandbox. It may also provide a space for freshness to your guests at a reception in the garden.